Summary of commonly-used shortcuts in GTA V

GTA V, or Grand Theft Auto V, is a video game developed by Rockstar North under Rockstar Games. This is also the 5th version in the Grand Theft Auto game series. Therefore, its storyline is completely calculated from the beginning of the content of the game GTA 2008.  


Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, simulating Southern California, its main story revolves around three criminals and their efforts to attack the underworld. Besides that work, these three criminals also attacked the government and several other forces. Therefore, this game is designed in an open-world style so that players can allow anyone to enter the countryside, forests, and the appearance of the fictional city of Los Santos.  


This version brings new experiences and a challenging mission system. Still, no worries, the following article will summarize popular keyboard shortcuts in GTA V to help you control the character smoothly, and from there, to complete tasks easily.  



Common keyboard shortcuts in GTA V 


Main function shortcuts 


  • W – A – S – D: Move the character up – left – down – right 
  • Space: Jump 
  • F: Get in the car 
  • Ctrl: Hide 
  • C: Look back 
  • Q: Hide 
  • G: Explode the bomb 
  • R: Reload more bullets 
  • J: Zoom in the camera 
  • [: Zoom out the camera 
  • Up arrow: Open the phone 
  • Backspace: Put away the phone 


Weapon shortcuts 


  • Tab key: Turn on the weapon list menu 
  • 1: Empty hand 
  • 2: Weapons such as knives, machetes, batons,… 
  • 3: Shotgun 
  • 4: Heavy weapons 
  • 5: Weapon to throw 
  • 6: Pistol 
  • 7: SMG (Submachine Gun) 
  • 8: Assault Rifle 
  • 9: Sniper Rifle 


Shortcuts when you are in a vehicle 


  • F: Get into the vehicle 
  • Tab “[”: Next weapon 
  • “.”: Look behind 
  • “,”: Switch to another radio channel 
  • “=”: Switch back to the previous radio channel 
  • “-”: Change tracks in Raido 
  • H: Turn on/off the light 
  • R: Redirect the camera 
  • Q: Adjust radio 
  • L: Spin slowly 
  • X: Bow your head to escape the arrest warrant 
  • PgUp: Speed up 
  • PgDn: Reduce speed 


Shortcuts in cars, bikes, and boats 


  • W: Accelerate 
  • S: Brake 
  • A & D: Left/Right 
  • Shift: Lean forward 
  • Ctrl: Lean back 
  • Q: Turn on the light 
  • Space: Handbrake 
  • E: Whistle 
  • Caps Lock: Sprint pedal 
  • Q: Bicycle front brake 


Shortcuts in helicopter 


  • W: Accelerate 
  • A + D: Move left/right 
  • 4: Turn left 
  • 6: Turn right 
  • 8: Point the plane down 
  • 5: Point the aircraft head up 
  • Space: Shoot from inside the plane 
  • Q: Put away the cake 
  • 7: Aim and shoot left 
  • 9: Aim and shoot right 
  • G: Eject / Unknown 
  • E: Gliding mode 
  • Ins: Change the angle of the weapon on the plane 


Shortcuts in subway 


  • W: Accelerate 
  • S: Decelerate 
  • A + D: move left/right 
  • 4, 6: Turn left, right 
  • 8, 2: Spin up, down 
  • Left shift: Up 
  • Left Ctrl: Down 


Shortcuts in parachute 


  • W–A–S–D: Parachute navigation 
  • F: Turn on/off the parachute 
  • Q: Turn left quickly 
  • E: Turn right quickly 
  • Shift: Increases accuracy when using parachutes 
  • X: Create smoke 


Some other shortcuts 


  • Arrow keys: Navigate phone menus 
  • Del: Option in the phone 
  • X: Change facial emotions when taking selfies 



Main missions in GTA V 


In addition to mastering the above keyboard shortcuts, you should also clearly understand the needed tasks to perform when playing GTA V. Specifically as follows: 


  • Prologue Story Mission: Fight against the police, get money, and escape by car. 
  • Franklin and Lamar Mission: Franklin steals a car and chases Lamar, trying to escape the police, takes the car to the store, and goes home to change. 
  • Repossession Mission: Search for the bike in Vespucci Beach, fight Vagos get the bike back, and give it back to Lamar. 
  • Complications Mission: Take the car from Michael’s house and crash it into Simeon’s store. 
  • Chop Mission: Join Chop to find and capture D at Vinewood Boulevard, then release D and take Lamar to the Rec Center. 
  • Father/Son Mission: Carry Franklin in the truck, rescue Jimmy and Franklin, and bring Jimmy home. 
  • Seeking the Truth Mission: Take Michael’s phone, go to the website epsilonpropram.com, and select Evalue Your Identity to answer 10 questions. 

So, we have just compiled for you a summary of commonly used shortcuts in GTA V in this article. If you have any more useful shortcuts, please leave a comment below. Wish you have a fun time playing the game! 

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Summary of commonly-used shortcuts in GTA V
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